Our coffee wins Bronze in the Signature Coffee Award: Brewing at the Global Coffee Championships

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We, at Agnep Heritage Farms can proudly say we grow award winning coffee. Michael Harris Conlin relayed the good news that the washed reds (from our first harvest ) used for the 2022 Global Coffee Championship, Signature Coffee Award: Brewing won a Bronze. The competition was held in Kintex, Korea and was determined by panel of 12 judges.

To quote his Facebook post:

On October 7, 2022, we made history as Philippine Laguna Liberica and Balili Benguet Arabica captured Silver and Bronze out of over 30 competitors per category at the Global Coffee Championship Signature Coffee Award: Latte and Signature Coffee Award: Brewer.

Most barista competitions put focus on the Barista. It’s rare that the barista takes the back seat, and the coffee gets a chance to take the main stage to compete in a global coffee competition.

I love coffee competitions. I enjoy the pressure and pushing my skills to the limit; I believe this is one of the best ways to bring the best out of myself and grow as a coffee professional. So, when the opportunity came up to join a brewing and latte competition that is judged by 12 world class judges and with Judges not knowing who the Barista was, I felt it was the best way to put my skills and Philippine coffees to the test vs. some of the best baristas and coffees from around the world.

This win is dedicated to all the producers and farmers at Santa Maria Laguna and the Dado family of Agnep @benguetarabica farm thank you for trusting me with the processing of your precious coffee. Let’s be proud of #PhilippineCoffee and continue to highlight it in the world stage!

We have yet to roast our first harvest but we will soon release pre-order notice next month. We are grateful that Harris taught us the optimal process for our shade grown coffee considering the unpredictable climate in Balili, Mankayan , Benguet. Harris visited our farm on January 28, 2022 and guided us on the processing methods that is suitable to our environment. We had some harvest in December 2020 but our attempt to dry them using sun drying failed. The unpredictable weather brought molds to our cherries.

Anaerobic washed method
Cupping with our farmers
Harris helped us design our greenhouse

Congrats Harris.

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