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Good morning, coffee enthusiast of the Philippines!

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Both Catimor and Granica (Orange Bourbon) are now available for pre-order! We offer two types of whole-bean coffees in small 125g pouches in limited quantities for the month of August 2024. To guarantee optimal freshness and quality, we roast our beans to fulfill pre-orders. Please submit your order in advance so we can schedule roasting accordingly.

Description of our two cultivars

Catimor (whole beans)
Php 500 / 125g pouch

Our Catimor coffee trees, planted in 2020 during challenging travel conditions, have finally produced their first harvest of cherries. Locally known as Mondonuvo, the seeds for these trees were sourced from a Sagada farm, marking our inaugural venture into nursery development. We successfully cultivated 1,000 seedlings and are now pleased to offer you the opportunity to be among the first to experience this unique coffee. Processed using both washed and dry fermentation methods, this coffee boasts a unique flavor profile with notes of blackberry, maple, and tamarind.

Granica (whole beans) or Orange Bourbon
Php 450 / 125g pouch 

Experience the unique flavor of Granica, a coffee unlike any other. With its vibrant orange cherries and a distinctive taste unlocked through anaerobic dry fermentation, this extraordinary coffee is perfect for those who crave a wild and complex brew. Identified as Bourbon by the World Coffee Research in 2019, the tasting notes are wild berries, Fuji apple and raisins.

Click the order form link or fill up the form below: