Meet our coffee farmers

That perfect cup of coffee you are sipping, touch many hands. In our farm, at least 30 pairs of hands bring you our award winning coffee from digging to storing before it goes to roasting. Around 67% are women. Paying tribute to our coffee farmers , helpers and family members as they help us with our coffee production since 2018. Our coffee production are the following

  1. Nurturing the coffee seedling nursery
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Benguet Arabica: Our heritage, and its history

We started our farm in 2018 not knowing, the family’s history of planting arabica in the early 1900’s.

We just planted Typica seedlings sourced from the mountains above our farm. Before my daughters and I planned a coffee farm in January 2018, we were unaware that there were backyard coffee plants tucked away at the ancestral place of my husband’s family in Benguet.

Typica plants, Agnep Heritage Farms, July 6, 2019
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