Our coffee wins Bronze in the Signature Coffee Award: Brewing at the Global Coffee Championships

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We, at Agnep Heritage Farms can proudly say we grow award winning coffee. Michael Harris Conlin relayed the good news that the washed reds (from our first harvest ) used for the 2022 Global Coffee Championship, Signature Coffee Award: Brewing won a Bronze. The competition was held in Kintex, Korea and was determined by panel of 12 judges.

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Meet our coffee farmers

That perfect cup of coffee you are sipping, touch many hands. In our farm, at least 30 pairs of hands bring you our award winning coffee from digging to storing before it goes to roasting. Around 67% are women. Paying tribute to our coffee farmers , helpers and family members as they help us with our coffee production since 2018. Our coffee production are the following

  1. Nurturing the coffee seedling nursery
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Digitalization is more than digital solutions for agriculture.

Digitalization for agriculture (D4Ag) is more than digitization for agriculture. It is more than digital solutions for agriculture. Dr. Benjamin Kwasi Addom, digital agriculture strategist at the Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands talked on “the concept of digitalization and smallholder agriculture” at a virtual workshop on digital agriculture for women entrepreneurs. Organized by the Asian Productivity Organization, in cooperation with the National Productivity Council of India, participants from the Philippines, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam joined this three-day workshop from Nov. 4 to 6, 2020.

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This is our coffee journey

I decided to have a separate blog for our Coffee journey here at BenguetArabica and BenguetArabica.Coffee . This will be a long journey. I know it will take three to five years to harvest the Arabica beans and meanwhile, our family will need to study more about coffee farming, from bean to brew and everything in between. Our learning curve is steep.

I wrote more on how this idea started Dreaming of cultivating shade-grown Benguet Arabica Coffee