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Note: As of November 25, we are SOLD out. We will roast a small batch on December 7, 2022. Watch out for announcements here.

After 4 years of cultivating our shade-grown coffee, Agnep Heritage Coffee is now accepting pre-orders! 

You will be purchasing a fully traceable coffee from our family farm at Sitio Bay-O, Balili, Mankayan, Benguet. We use sustainable agricultural practices that preserve our forest system and maintain the long-term productivity of the land. In our farm, at least 30 pairs of hands bring you this coffee from digging to storing before it goes to roasting. Around 67% are women. Proceeds will go back to our next harvest, so we will continue to support our farmers and the community.

Our Typica and Red Bourbon; Granica, and Balili Red micro-lots are entering the roaster on November 8. They will be sent within 14 days, so you can enjoy the coffee at its peak.

Please fill up the form below or this link.