Meeting Professor Val Macanes at the Benguet State University

It’s almost a year when the coffee project started. The first person I contacted was Chit Juan, the only Philippine coffee advocate I know of. My question was very basic. It goes to show how little we know of coffee production. I asked:

“How does one really start planting coffee? Our land is in Benguet..around 1000 meters elevation.
Do you have other resources on how to start coffee farming? An updated article?
Any information or leads will be helpful”.

Chit’s reply led us to Professor Val Macanes of Benguet State University (BSU). Prof. Val handles the Institute for Highland Farming Systems and Agroforestry (IHFSA) in Bektey, Puguis, La Trinidad, Benguet. It is a 50 hectare campus laboratory for Arabica coffee, bamboo, an apiary, and even Philippine pigs.

Institute of Highland Farming Systems and Agroforestry
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This is our coffee journey

I decided to have a separate blog for our Coffee journey here at BenguetArabica and BenguetArabica.Coffee . This will be a long journey. I know it will take three to five years to harvest the Arabica beans and meanwhile, our family will need to study more about coffee farming, from bean to brew and everything in between. Our learning curve is steep.

I wrote more on how this idea started Dreaming of cultivating shade-grown Benguet Arabica Coffee